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Location and History

Located in the beautiful Geauga County, local citizens seem to be able to balance work and play quite easily. It’s not uncommon to drive by and see a family playing in the yard, or a couple sitting on the porch enjoying lemonade. It’s a safe community where the crime rate is among some of the lowest in the state. This township was settled in 1815, and back then there were no roads only miles of beautiful woods.

It was Bildad Bradley who first came to this area and settled. His house can still be seen and toured by locals and visitors alike. His family values have been carried down through the decades and today the same tight knit family community is still observed today. Mr. Bradley helped put the first road through the five mile community and he was proud of his accomplishments. While the first road was an astounding accomplishment for this area, the whole idea of paved roadways came from one of the first founders of this area, Martin Dodge.

Martin Dodge was a young boy that found working on the farm to be his way of life. He later went to law school in nearby Cleveland and later found himself as part of the Ohio Legislature. When then Governor William McKinley became president, he enlisted the help of Mr. Dodge to help created the paved roadways systems across the United States. So to say that one of Auburn’s residents had such an impact on this major accomplishment in history is an understatement.


The cost of living in this area is significantly more cost effective than some of its larger communities. While there are no big shopping malls and a bunch of fast food restaurants, they are all just a short drive away. The schools are excellent and have that country feel that most people like for their children.The roads are not congested with lots of traffic and there is always ample room to roam. Children will enjoy the area parks and the LaDue Reservoir. Boating and other activities can be observed just about any summer day in this beautiful lake.

While it may be small, sometimes the smallest communities have the largest offerings for their residents. Sitting outside watching the stars and enjoying the peace and quiet of the country is something that is priceless. While ample jobs and activities are just a short drive away, the peace and quiet is worth the drive. Forget traffic jams and the hustle and bustle, and kick back and enjoy a picnic with the family at Ladue Reservoir. Auburn is a great place to call home.

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