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No place is complete without good education. This city’s scholastic skills has impressed more than just the district; they have impressed the whole United States, as well as the world. One school to mention is one that many parents are proud to have around their home.

They rave about it. They are happy with the curriculum, with the results, the annual school dances, plays, and singing groups. Here is where they can collect some of their most precious memories. This gem of the district is Leighton Elementary School. They scored a 9 on the Great School scale.

Harmon Middle School is dedicated to excellence. This dedication shows in their scores, in their teaching ethics and in their score of 10 on the Great School scale. These achievements only stand second to their commitment to excellence, which shines the most.

Aurora High School is a school to be praised. It was named one of the top ten best in the United States. It scored a 10 on the Great Schools scale. Many of those who attended this school have fond memories of it, and have used what they have learned to further their studies. It is a school designed to propel. Not just to educate, but propel students into their futures.

What To Do?

Aside from the golf course, the city life, the lovely smell of the trees nearby, the vistas, and golf courses, what more can you expect in Aurora? Well, if you like live entertainment with great wine, then perhaps the Thorn Creek Winery might suit you. Perhaps you are interested in having fun with the whole family in the Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom.

Here you can relax in a pool, slide into it, or play basketball in the water, among many other activities. There is something for everyone here. Give them a chance, you will see how naturally the words Aurora, and home come together.

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