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Among the many great parks, and beautiful greenery, there still must be another vital part to make this city a great home for you and that is education, right? So what kind of education can you and your child expect from Bainbridge, Ohio? One school to mention is Fairfield Local Elementary School. This school has a reputation of excellence, dedication, and students who are excited about learning something new. The staff and teachers, according to parents, are very helpful and involved.

Fairfield Local Middle School is another school worth mentioning, like the school before it, many parents are happy with the choice they made of sending their children here. They trust the school, the staff, and the teachers get the job done efficiently and with the student’s best interest in mind. It scored highly on the Great School scale, so you can be sure that your children will be getting a great education here.

Fairfield Local High School is another one worth mentioning. They are great, dedicated, and successful like every other school just mentioned. The running theme in all the schools here, even the ones not mentioned, is that your child comes first. This high school has a great reputation as well. They scored very highly on the Great School scale as well, just to reassure you that your children will not get below a pristine education, here in Bainbridge, Ohio.

What To Do in Bainbridge, Ohio

Of course there are great parks nearby. There are many boutiques, and shopping centers, not to mention having great cinema houses to enjoy the latest flick from Hollywood. There are also great golf courses and mini-golf for those who like the kiddie fun of golf. There are also spacious and quite interesting camp grounds regarding its natural richness.

For those interested in a little “out of the box” history, why not check out the Dental Museum. There is a lot to know about the history of dentistry and the different peculiar facts they have in store for you. They promise that you will be astonished.

There is also the 7 Caves Nature Preserve where you can explore the wonders of the catacombs of the Earth. There is so much more to explore, but one thing Bainbridge knows is once you step in their city, you won’t want to leave.

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