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10 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2014

When you were writing your resolutions for 2014, did some home improvement items crop up on your list? If so, you are not alone. Most people put off home improvement projects because they simply did not want to do them. Here are a few projects that may be profitable to any homeowner:

1. Replace Appliances 

Replace old appliances with energy efficient appliances. This will lower the effective cost of energy bills, and it will improve the overall appearance of the kitchen. Most people underestimate the power of an energy efficient appliance.

2. Improve System Operations and Efficiency

If you improve system operations and efficiency, you can prevent fires in your home. Cleaning the exhaust duct or replacing the grease filter are two ways that you can keep your home safe and prevent fires.

3. Be More Organized 

If you are more organized, you may gain more space and more efficiency in your attic, garage, bedroom closet, kitchen closet, or pantry. Reorganize and recreate your space for the new year.

4. Paint the Interior or Exterior of Your Home

A fresh coat of paint on the interior can make a drab room fabulous! A fresh coat of paint on the exterior can improve curb appeal and attract more potential buyers. Start in the living areas and kitchen and migrate to the bedrooms, or simply do the rooms that need it the most.

via 5. Start a Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden is one of the greatest additions to a home. You can save money on vegetables and make the home look more inviting. Many homeowners will grow vegetables in the window in the garden or also in the backyard. Just be sure to protect your garden from deer and rodents who are attracted to fresh veggies.

6. Build a New Patio 

A new patio will add value to a home. April is the perfect time to build a patio. Therefore, if you are reading this at the beginning of the year, you still have some time to make your plans. Just make sure to do proper research on the building materials to ensure that the deck will not warp or collapse from the elements over time.

7. Change Your Style

Improve your style by adding some modern art deco pieces. When you update, your environment will feel more like a tranquil spa, instead of a traditional home.

8. Add a New Security System

Don’t compromise safety. Add a new security system with a camera that can be monitored from mobile devices.

9. Automate Your Home 

Automate your home. Buy an app that will allow you to control your air conditioner, furnace, appliances, and front door remotely. This convenience is worth the investment.

10. Go Environmental

Buy a solar panel to lower your energy bills or buy an air purifier to clean the air in your home. Both of these items will make your home more environmentally friendly.

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