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Monthly Archives: August 2013

    Knowing When (and how) to Appraise Your Home

    By Todd Crockett | August 31, 2013

    Low appraisals kill real estate deals. If you are buying a home using a mortgage, refinancing, or selling your home, the home appraisal is a major component in determining a home’s value. Appraisals are used to determine the contract price for listing a home for sale and lenders use the appraisal value to determine the... Read More

    The Beneifts of a Home Inspection

    By Todd Crockett | August 28, 2013

    Home inspections are visual inspections of the structure and other aspects that make up a home in order to find things that are not in good shape and find parts of a home that are not performing as they should. As an inspector checks out your home and finds a problem or an area that... Read More

    How to Spot an Overpriced Home

    By Todd Crockett | August 16, 2013

    When searching for a home, regardless of the market, one must be prepared to recognize what is reasonable and unreasonable when it comes to purchasing a home. Buying a home is the biggest investment that a buyer will ever make, so of course you would want to pay a fair price. Sometimes homeowners include sentimentality... Read More

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