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Basic Tips for Selling Your Home

Homebuyers have the advantage over sellers at this time in the housing market, so what can sellers do to their homes to trigger a buyer to “have” to purchase the home the seller is selling? Well, several things can be done. Listed below are a few of the top ones that are most effective.


This is one that sellers always are encouraged to do, many times though seller do not want to or can’t afford to invest a lot of money into a house they will no longer be living in. Upgrades do not always have to cost a great deal of money. A few simple inexpensive strategies can make all the difference when a seller is setting up their home to be seen by potential buyers.

  • Replacing the carpet if it is in your budget to do so, but if not hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean all the carpeted areas in the house.
  • Get rid of outdated wallpaper. Strip it off the walls and paint, but do not go outrageous with the new color choices. Ask yourself, would I want to leave this color or paint it right away if you were in the buyer’s shoes? Most buyers want to move in and start enjoying their new home as soon as possible, and not have to do major restorations.
  • Always make sure everything is in good working order. If the dishwasher is not working, replace it, if the heating or air isn’t working properly get it repaired, leaking faucets or toilets, replace or repair them, etc.
  • Landscaping is incredibly important also, but don’t go overboard here either. Make sure the grass stays cut and weeds are pulled, trees and bushes are trimmed, and add some nice plants and/or flowers to the yard, but just enough to fill in any bare looking spots to make it look fresh and easy to maintain.

Staging and Curb Appeal

Staging the house with loads of knick-knacks, new appliances, or expensive furniture is not necessary. If the house is moderate home, the house should reflect that.

  • The first step in staging is to de-clutter. This doesn’t just mean throw away the trash and pickup toys, it also means to do away with countertop appliances in the kitchen, clear the top of the refrigerator, rearrange or omit some furniture so the rooms are larger, and clear cabinets, cupboards, and closets from being overrun with your personal possessions.
  • Clean, clean, and clean again. If you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you or better yet alongside you; this way everything is done the way you want it done.
  • A whole lot of time and money does not have to be spent on curb appeal. With a small amount of changes comes a new look to the house. Power wash the house and walkways, paint the front door, porch, and shutters, hang new house numbers, wash windows and/or replace them with energy-efficient ones if it is in the home selling budget, and hang some beautiful baskets of flowers and/or plants along the porch.

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