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The Beneifts of a Home Inspection

Home inspections are visual inspections of the structure and other aspects that make up a home in order to find things that are not in good shape and find parts of a home that are not performing as they should.

As an inspector checks out your home and finds a problem or an area that could be a problem, he or she will write up a description of the problem in a written report and may, at that time, recommend additional evaluation. A home inspection is important because before you close, you as the buyer will have to decide if repairs should be done soon and who will pay for them.

What a Home Inspection should Include

It is important to note that a home inspection should include the following: a review of a home’s central air conditioning system, a review of the home’s heating system, a review of the electrical systems, the interior plumbing, roof, attic, windows, doors, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, foundation, basement and visible structure.

8233501246_a74b552023_z Additional Services: if Requested

If requested, most inspectors will give you additional services that are not included in a regular home inspection such as radon testing, mold testing, water testing and energy audits. Such tests can save time, money and a great deal of aggravation.

Reasons why a Home Inspection is Needed

There are many reasons to have a home inspection but the main reason to have a home inspection is to find out if there are any major problems with a home before moving in. After the inspection is done, review it and then make a list of things that the seller should address. This list of items should be given to the seller as soon as possible. Most importantly, the inspection should be done by someone who is qualified, unbiased and experienced.

A Home Inspection is no Guarantee!

Even though most home inspections are thorough and well done, they are not a guarantee of how long some or all of the components inspected will last. Buyers are not the only ones who benefit from a home inspection; buyers and Realtors benefit, too.

Sellers benefit from inspections because it protects them from not disclosing property conditions correctly and gives them time to make repairs before the final sale. Realtors benefit from home inspections because it enhances their professionalism and may protect them against failing to disclose accurate conditions of the property.

There are other tests that you can have done at additional cost such as a radon test, wood-destroying insect infestation information, an examination of a water sample and a septic system inspection period.

To conclude, a home inspection is necessary for many reasons by mainly it is needed to ensure that the buyer and seller are cooperating in the buying and selling process of a home and to ensure that all requirements are completed before the actual purchasing of a home.

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