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Most people in Chardon, OH have graduated with at least a Bachelor’s degree, so you know that this community cares and cherishes a good education. This shows the caliber of schools available.

One school to mention is Munson Elementary School, which scored a 10 out of 10 on the Great Schools scale. It is a school that does not cease to impress the district and the parents. If the future could see, it too would be impressed with the kind of students this school is developing for the future.

The Chardon Middle School is another school worth mentioning. They also scored high on the Great Schools scale. Why? It is because of their complete and unstoppable dedication to education and to a strict and proven curriculum that most parents are impressed with. Students will not only be able to learn in this school. They will be excited to learn.

Chardon High School is also worth mentioning. It scored a 9 on the Great Schools scale and their proven success rates speaks for itself. A parent is very proud of the work the school is putting into educating her teenager. She remembers when she couldn’t get her daughter to read a book; now she spends hours reading.

Another parent raved about how dedicated the teachers are in this school. This is something she was able to detect during her parent-teacher conferences. The conference made it obvious that the teacher took her time to understand each and every one of her kids as individuals.

What To Do?

There are monthly flea markets you can visit to support local artistry. Or you can just browse about. The cities are nearby, so you can enjoy a day in town, watch a movie, or grab a bite to eat. There are many parks available in Chardon, OH, or you can go to the Chardon Municipal Center to take a dive in their pool or take lessons.

There is mini-golf available there, as well as swimming lessons for the youth. Of course there are serious golf courses for those who are interested, like the Chardon Lakes Golf Course. If you want to catch a movie, you can go to the Mayfield Road Drive-In. There is something for everyone in Chardon, OH.

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