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Schools and Recreational Services

It has two elementary schools Lindsley Elementary and Westwood Elementary. There is a middle school and high school. They are the West Geauga Middle School and West Geagua High School.

The West Geauga Recreation Council offers many recreational activities for children all year. There is a summer day camp and swimming. Athletic opportunities are soccer, tennis, volleyball, and yoga. The town has the International Culinary and Arts Institute. Nearby there are community colleges and universities for those seeking higher education.

There is the Lakeland Community College and Cuyhoga Community College District. Choose from several college and universities like John Carroll University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, and Baldwin Wallace College.

Parks, Industry and Hospitals

The parks have a baseball field where games are played in season. There are two volleyball courts, horseshoes, and a pavillion for picnics and concerts. The park has a child’s playground for summer and warm weather use. In the warm weather, the park is lighted for evening use. It is for residents only. Special events and concerts are often held in the summer months. The park is five acres in size.

The town has construction, food service, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries that provide jobs for the community. It has two hospital and a medical center to provide needed healthcare.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce hosts many events for the community and businesses. They host an annual golf tournament to provide money to local youth for scholarships. They have a community picnic with food and fun events for children and adults. During the holidays, they sponsor a holiday decorating contest for members to encourage and promote the holiday spirit.

Population, Statistics and Churches

The population of the town is made up approximately 95% white, 2.4% Hispanic, 0.9%% Black, and 0.4% Asian and American Indian. There is an Amtrack railroad station near Cleveland. Approximately 82% of household use gas to heat their homes, 10% oil, and 7% electric.

There are a number of churches in the area. They have the Catholic Church, Old Order Amish, the United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Episcopal Church, Lutheran Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Christian Church and others.

Golf Courses and Attractions

For golfers there are two golf courses. There is the Fowler Mill Public Golf course which is ranked second best golf course in Ohio by Golf Digest. It has a golf shop and clubhouse. The second is the Berkshire Hill Golf Course. There are many fine restaurants, stores, and nearby hotels and motels for residents and travelers.

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