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Chagrin Falls – Cuyahoga County, OH

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

A Place to Call Home: Chagrin Falls in Cuyahoga County, OH: If beauty and serenity is something important to you, then one of the best places to live is Chagrin Falls in Cuyahoga County, right in Ohio. It is a quaint little village that is home to about 4,000 people. One of the most attractive things about Chagrin Falls is the natural waterfall of the Chagrin River. This place is home to kind people, and people who understand the value of a community, which is only evident by the amount of community events held. The median age is 46, but of course there are children and youngsters, which make this the perfect place for the family.

Real Estate

The average home here is valued at about 300,000…a price that doesn’t do the homes, surroundings and community justice, because the homes in Chagrin Falls are worth far more. The average income is about 66,779, which is to be expected since more than half of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Chagrin Falls does employ more cops than the state’s average, but that seems a little out of place since there has not been many crimes for quite some time.

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Chagrin Falls Schools

Chagrin Falls is home to Chagrin Falls High School, which was actually declared to be one of the Top U.S. Schools! But of course, that isn’t the only school this little village can brag about, they also have Chagrin Falls Intermediate Elementary School. A large elementary school that holds about 447 students, and is recognized as one of the finest in the district.

The only thing that one may notice is that the diversity level is not too high in this school. The Chagrin Falls Middle School is also a very distinguished school. Their goal is to ensure all of their students score high in every subject. Gurney Elementary School ensures student productivity by keep their students active in the learning experience…one can notice their success by taking a look at their near perfect test scores.

Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

What to do?

This village actually houses some of the top rated cuisines in the district. It is home to four star restaurants like Hun by the Falls. Chagrin Falls is also home to many artistic galleries and sweet little boutiques for those of us interested in antiques. You can find your next hidden treasure in the La Bella Forever Vintage store, or if you think you might already have something of value, why not appraise it?

There is a vintage appraiser convention nearby as well. Of course there are many parks and trails to pass the time, depending where you are of course. As if that was not enough there are many options when it comes to enjoying classical music or opera. If you are into the contemporary there is a House of Blues nearby which hosts lots of concerts.
With the plethora of benefits Chagrin Falls in Cuyahoga County has to offer, it is definitely a place to call home, not only for yourself but for your future generations.

Chagrin Falls Listings:

15157 Hemlock Point Rd.
17819 Chillicothe Rd.
128 Miles Rd.
10001 Stafford Rd.
103 Main St.
15650 Cothelstone Ln.
369 Main St.
245 Bramley Ct.
1633 Bell Rd.
10311 Bartholomew Rd.

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