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Grand River – Lake County, OH

Grand River, Ohio

Grand River is a picayune village, enveloped by Lake County in Ohio. It sits pretty close to Headlands Beach State Park. Grand River sits pretty close to the waters, where fishing enthusiasts have caught some of the most prized fish…like Walleyes, Steelheads and Smallmouth Bass. Some residents say that the fishing opportunities are one of the best reasons to consider this little village.

Others claim it to be the peacefulness they enjoy when they take their boats out into the river. This is when they contemplate the scintillating waters, or enjoy a nice evening with their family. Most people here are about 43 years of age, although many other age groups are represented, and most have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The homes here average about 139,000 while the average income is about 54,000. The crime rate is below the national average, and the air is much cleaner as well.

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Schools near Grand River, Lake County

Finding the right home, is not complete until you know that your children will be properly educated. The schools around Grand River are a great place to start your children off right. Sterling Morton Elementary School is a great example of the kind of excellence you might expect in Grand River.

Grand River - Lake County, OH

This school was given a 9 by the Great Schools Organization, and it is in the top 19% of all the schools in Ohio. A parent noted that if it was not for the kind of commitment the staff at this school showed her children, she would not have gotten as involved as she now is with the school.

Shore Middle School is another school that ranks in the highest of percentile in Ohio. Their educational practices are rigorous but effective, as one happy parent said. Riverside Campus is a High School worth mentioning, they received a pretty high number on the Great Schools Organization scale, and the school has managed to make parents pretty happy as well.

A student who is now in an undergraduate program is thankful for her years in Riverside Campus. She still drives by to visit her teachers whom she has formed lasting bonds with. The school has a number of sports teams as well, and clubs to enrich all of the students high school life.

What to Do?

There are a few hiking trails that should be mentioned, as well as local arts/culture festivals, which is fun for the whole family. There is a lighthouse that is a sight to be beheld. The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum is nearby, which houses countless nautical artifacts.

There is also the Indian Museum in Lake County, where you can find Native American artifacts dating all the way back to the 1800’s. Or perhaps, if you have the need for something a little faster, or a little more ‘oomph’, perhaps the Lake County Speedway is the place for you. NASCAR calls it home and there are numerous exciting events taking place there. Grand River in Lake County of Ohio is a place that can please all, and a place that you just might fall in love with.

Grand River Listings:

106 Olive St.
86 Grand Key Dr.
344 Singer Ave.

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