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Kittery Cove – Mentor, OH

Kittery Cove

Kittery Cove is nestled in Mentor, Ohio that was ranked number 37, by CNNMoney as one of the best places to live in America. It has the largest restaurant & the retail locations in Ohio. The Kittery Cove community is proud to be in a city that James A. Garfield once called his home, he was a proud “Mentorite.” The weather in this beautiful community averages at around 78 degrees, making it a pretty comfortable place to take a stroll in. It is one of the cleanest places in America, as well as being one of the safest community’s in Ohio, averaging way below the national average.

The average home lists for about 204,000, while the median household income is about 66,000. The style of homes here are both colonial and contemporary, making living in Kittery Cove, both comfortable and traditional. The skies here are crystal clear, and the air is fresher than the national average. This has been scientifically proven to increase vitality, prevent respiratory issues and much more.

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Schools Zoned For Kittery Cove, Mentor

Ridge Middle School is another school rated very highly by the Great Schools Organization, and by parents. Students and parents agree that Ridge Middle School teachers are incredibly supportive. Supportive because more than half of the teachers there, actually stay with their students after hours if they have questions.

Kittery Cove - Mentor, OH

There is another school worth noting, this high school may have religious affiliates, but their teaching curriculum is unparalleled in the district. A parent of a teenager in Lake Catholic High School raves about their teaching methods. She says she is sure the foundation that the school is giving her young girl will be instrumental in her future.

The school also offers an Academic Decathlon team, Art or Anime clubs, Book or Creative writing clubs, and many other programs that are designed to enrich the students high school experience, and prepare them for the future.

What To Do?

There are quite a few trails, parks and recreational centers in Kittery Cove. There are a few shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and grocery stores around this neighborhood. There is the James A. Garfield Home, which has been restored, and is now a museum available to the public. There is also the Headlands Beach State Park, that actually holds the longest public swimming beaches in Ohio.

There is an old Fire House called the Mentor Fire Museum, where the whole family can see its rich history. There are a few lagoons nearby, and the Farmer’s Markets are something that the locals rave about…they provide fresh and exotic fruit and vegetables to keep you healthy. This and so much more make Kittery Cove in Mentor, Ohio a place to call your own.

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