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Willoughby Hills – Lake County, OH

Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Straddling the Chagrin River, the quaint neighborhood of Willoughby Hills, OH is considered one of the jewels of Northeastern Ohio. The neighborhood located in Lake County, Ohio prides itself on offering both a taste of small town life while offering services found in a larger city.

With a population of 9,485 residents (as of the 2010 census) in close to 11 square miles, Willoughby Hills strives to make its residents happy by addressing their concerns through the “Residents First” program and maintaining their identity with the Willoughby Hills Historical Society.

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Though the neighborhood wants to keep as much of a rural atmosphere as possible, there are a number of shops for a more suburban lifestyle. Shopping in and around the area includes various restaurants to satisfy every palate, a Walgreens and a CVS pharmacy, Convenient Food Mart for groceries, and a Bally Total Fitness center. If these stores do not have what you’re looking for, there are shopping centers located within a reasonable drive from Willoughby Hills, in adjacent neighborhoods.

Willoughby Hills - Lake County, OH


There are a number of choices for the educational needs of the younger residents. The Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools include Edison Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Royalview Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Kennedy Academy, Eastlake Middle School, Willoughby Middle School, Willowick Middle School, North High School, and South High School. Other educational institutes include the Willoughby-Eastlake Technical Center, the Kennedy Early Learning Center and the Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Things to Do

A unique feature of this neighborhood is that it is served by three hospital systems, giving residents plenty of options for their healthcare. The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, as well as the Lake Hospital System, are located either within or near the city limits.

There are a number of things to do outdoors. The city parks include Campbell Park (which is located behind City Hall), Roemish Field (located behind the Community Center), Garfield Park (located at the Northeast corner of Chardon and River Roads), and Veterans Memorial Park (which is currently under construction). For those looking for places other than the city parks, there are various destinations to visit.

The Cleveland Metroparks contain both outdoor recreation areas as well as wildlife nature preserves. Gully Brook Park is the place to go for picnics and to have a nice, leisurely day out, while Pleasant Valley Park has an accessable, fishable stream open to the public. To get a taste of the wildlife in the area, the Hach-Otis Sanctuary for birds is your best bet. Also located within Metroparks is the country estate named Squire’s Castle as well as the Manakiki Golf Course.

The Willoughby Hills Community Center offers residents (as well as visitors) a place to hold a number of events. The Senior Room Center within the Community Center supplies services such as (amongst others): yoga, computer classes, and free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings for the senior residents.

Willoughby Hills Listings:

0 Som Center Rd.
2921 Gatsby Ln.
36060 Sherwood Ln.
33901 Chardon Rd.
2991 Rockefeller Rd.
36165 Chardon Rd.
35100 Hanna Rd.
2770 Worrell Rd.
36001 Maplegrove Rd.
34950 Glen Kyle Ln.

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