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About Geauga County, Ohio

Ohio is known for being the heart of it all. While there are many great cities in this state, like Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, there is one area that is not only great for visitors, but also perfect for raising a family, Geauga County, Ohio. Located in the North Eastern corner of the state, this small county holds cities like BainbridgeChardonChesterland and Russell. This mostly farm community has beautiful New England charm, but still sits close to all the action. With Cleveland just being less than an hour drive to the west.

Every area has their specialty and this region is no different, they are known for their maple syrup. They are also named after the raccoon, as Geauga means coon in Native American. It is not uncommon to hear people calling this area Raccoon County, rather than Geauga County. While it tends to be farming community, there is still plenty of time for family, friends and to play.

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The best thing about this area is that it is in the Snow Belt. That means for three to four months out of the year lake effect snow comes down and hammers this region. Around here snow doesn’t fall in inches, rather in feet. The inclement weather doesn’t stop these native Ohioans, they slap some tire chains on their wheels and life continues as normal. While some towns close up with a couple inches on the ground, it takes more than a foot to close this town down.

The way of life is just a bit slower here in Geauga. In fact, it is the kind of area where neighbors still talk to neighbors and those mowing the grass wave to friend and stranger alike. Much different and more relaxed than Cleveland, many people choose to live here and commute to the bigger cities. There is a great deal of Amish that live in this area, mainly because of the farmland. Those driving through the area have to adjust their pace to a bit slower than normal. Life moves a lot slower, especially when there’s plenty of horses and buggies on the road.

There’s always got to be some extracurricular activities to do, thankfully Geauga has plenty. The Geauga Theater is a historic building located on water street in Chardon. They offer all the latest movies and great prices. Those who like to visit historic buildings can enjoy sites like the “1789 cabin”, “1878 train station” or the “1872 schoolhouse”. There is a guided tour to the area and the historians give the significance of each building to the area.

Like most areas, they have their festivals. In Burton, the Geauga County Fair comes to town each Memorial Day weekend. Crowds gather to taste the latest maple products and to visit with family and friends. The Geauga County Maple Festival is held the weekend after Easter every year.

This Chardon Square tradition is one that most people look forward to. The area nominates a king, queen and has a great deal of rides, food, arts and crafts and contests. Geauga County is a great place to visit or live, it is one of those picturesque areas that just draw people to move here and call this area home.

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