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The housing market in Lyndhurst is also excellent. Because it’s not a large metropolitan area, houses are relatively inexpensive there. One can really get a lot for one’s money if one purchases a house in the area. Some of the houses there are large and spacious, while others are much smaller in sizer.

A lot of the homes in Lyndhurst are located in neighborhoods, however some are in rural areas. Because there are so many different types of houses available there, everyone should be able to find a home that meets their wants and needs. There are several other factors that make Lyndhurst such a desirable place to reside. One of these factors is the outstanding school system.


The schools in the town of Lyndhurst are run by the South-Euclid City School District. They are known to be some of the best schools in the area. This is one of the main reasons that so many people who work in Cleveland choose to purchase a home in Lyndhurst. There are 3 elementary schools, 1 junior high school, and 1 high school. The junior high school is Memorial Junior High School and the high school is Charles F. Brush High School. These institutions have wonderful reputations and have produced numerous graduates who have gone on to achieve great success at institutions of higher education. The school system is definitely one of the best things Lyndhurst has to offer residents.


If one is wanting to relax at a park in the Lyndhurst area, one should go to Brainard Park. This small park provides hours of entertainment for local residents. The main attraction at the park is a water play structure with slides.

Brainard Park is one of the best places to take children in the community. Kids have so much fun playing in the water there. The park is definitely an excellent place to go on a hot summer day. There are several other fun and exciting places for Lyndhurst residents to go.


The Country Club, which is located on Lander Road, is the best place to play golf in the Lyndhurst area. This golf course is beautiful and is frequently visited by both locals and travelers to the area. There is even a gorgeous clubhouse next to the course.

The clubhouse, which is large and sprawling, is a wonderful place to rent for private parties and events. Other nearby attractions include the Lyndhurst Community Center and the Cleveland Racquet Club. Both of these places offer a fun and unique entertainment experience to patrons.

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