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The neighborhoods are very affordable and mid-western in design. That means the homes are nice and have green grass with some land. Most of them offer a basement and go back to the eighties and up in design. There are some historic homes, as this is the place where the Battle of 1812 took place, but many of the areas are moderately modern.


The schools are good and provide a great way for people to grow up. Perry Elementary has an outstanding reputation and offers an excellent place for your child to start his or her education. Perry Middle School will continue your child’s education and offer the best that is available for his or her growth.

It offers a complete music program and has been the state champion several years in competition. Perry high School is the completion and a fantastic place for your kids to make memories that will last a lifetime. The school boasts some of the latest technology around.

The private school choices are excellent as well. If private school is the goal for your child, then consider New Life Christian Center. It is faith based, but offers a wonderful advanced education that will help your child go on to college. The religious part of the school is not mandatory. All faiths are welcome at New Life Christian Center.


Outdoor Activities: There’s a reason that Perry is voted one of the best places to live in America. It is safe and has an active community that strives to make it better every day. There are museums and movies to enjoy along with malls and any modern franchise that you could need.


There are historical parks and playgrounds all over the place in Perry. Perry State Park is the largest and offers everything that any outdoor enthusiast loves. There is hiking and trails to take in. There is enough to enjoy that you could enjoy a whole vacation right there is your own hometown. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Things to Do

Perry offers some of the best arts and crafts anywhere. It has art fairs every year and throughout the summer each year. There are all American restaurants and some exclusive five star restaurants. Farmers Markets are available with fresh and local produce.

Most people that are looking to move to Perry, Ohio, find it to be a place that is perfect for their life and family. Ice-skating is a regular part of the lives for any in Perry. The best part of living in Perry is the sense of community that you will love to be a part of everyday.

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