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Strongsville, OH

Strongsville, Ohio is a great city to live in. It is a suburb located outside of Cleveland, Ohio. This a family friendly suburb that has a lot of small town charm with a bustling business community.

There are a number of different unique neighborhoods in Strongsville. Additionally, the town boasts over 2,000 acres of green space.

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There are also an abundance of unique shops in town. The shops have remained unique due to their independent ownership. Strongsville, Ohio is a wonderful place for families to work and live for a number of economic and cultural reasons.

The population of the city is approximately 45,000 people. The nickname of the city is the crossroads of the United States because it is where interstate 71 intercepts with the Ohio Turnpike.

Strongsville’s Economy

According to the town’s website, 2013 was a very strong business year for Strongsville. One of the reasons for this economic strength is that the Vitamix corporation brought over 300 new positions to Strongsville in 2012. The company has since stated that it will add an additional work shift, which will in turn create close to 300 jobs in their customer call center located on Drake Road.

The third shift will run after regular business hours into the evening, providing opportunities for individuals who are seeking supplemental income from a second job.


The city is proud of low vacancy rates that are less than 5 percent. The average vacancy rate for business parks throughout the United States is close to 9 percent. Strongsville, Ohio saw steady growth over the last few years. This makes it a great little city for families to live in.

There is a small town feel with a stable business base, which provides financial opportunities for individuals and families living in and around the city. 2014 is also projected to be a strong business year for Strongsville with the continued growth of several businesses, including Vitamix.

Unique Attractions in Strongsville

There are a number of unique attractions in Strongsville Ohio. Some of these attractions include the Strongsville Historical Society, the Gardenview Horticultural Park, the Pomeroy house, which was a former stop on the famous Underground Railroad, and the Strongsville Clocktower.

There are also ample places for recreation in the town with so many acres of green space. The town also hosts a number of different civic and recreational organizations that are active throughout the course of the year and help to create community cohesiveness.

Strongsville, Ohio offers families a small town community with the stability of a solid business community. The city is located near Cleveland, which offers families the opportunities and amenities of a large urban area.

Strongsville has maintained its unique charm as a small city that offers a number of family-oriented recreational activities, business opportunities, and unique shopping areas with modest residential real estate prices. There is a low crime rate and a sense of community responsibility, which provides many civic and volunteer opportunities to residents. Strongsville is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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