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The Sanctuary – Kirtland Hills, OH

Every person looks forward to buying or constructing a decent home for his/her family. Acquiring a home is an expensive venture and accumulating enough savings for such an investment has never been a walk in the park.

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Having worked so hard to save enough money for a home, buyers should pay particular attention to the surrounding and the benefits of purchasing a home in a certain area and not another. This article focuses on the main features that make the Sanctuary in Kirtland Hills, OH a place where all members of the family can call home.

The surrounding

A good surrounding adds to the glamour and outward appearance of a house. In correspondence to this, developers of the sanctuary have put a lot of emphasis in improving the surrounding in the area.

Issues of sanitation and drainage are dealt with immediately to ensure that the occupants of the houses are safe. There is plenty of space for parking and other outdoor activities within the region.

Structural design and orientation of the houses

The houses in this region are single unit, Mediterranean style building that adopt the latest designs. They are suitable for an average family size with an inbuilt kitchen, wash rooms and storage room.


All houses receive enough natural lighting from the sun regardless of their location in relation to other buildings. Although people at the sanctuary live as a community, every family has a right to its own privacy and space. The homes provide enough privacy for all occupants throughout their stay in the area.


Acquiring a home at the sanctuary guarantees quality education for the all members of the family regardless of their academic level. Elementary education facilities, primary, secondary and institutions of higher learning are available within the area.

In addition to the learning institutions, there is a college that offers training on visual and performing arts. The trainees use the community in this area as their immediate audience for their educative and influential works of art.


Transport is a great concern to several people both in the urban and rural set up. The sanctuary is accessible through public and private means of transport, which makes it a favorable location for a home. Regional bus Service Company serves the region adequately, ensuring that the area is accessible at any time of the day.

Sporting and social activities

Sporting activities and physical fitness contribute chiefly to a healthy living. Developers of the sanctuary understand this and they ensure that there are enough sporting and fitness facilities within the area. The golf course in the area is among the highly ranked facilities in the entire Kirtland Hills, OH.

The above features and others within the neighborhood make the sanctuary the best place for a home. Home owners in the region have reaped great benefits, which include trading opportunities near the region. There are several upcoming boutiques, restaurants and side walk cafes in the area.

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