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University Heights

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University Heights is only a short drive away from scenic heartland farm country to the south and east, or the exciting industrial and metropolitan influence of the great city of Cleveland to the west.

This sleepy, yet proud city is nestled between the rolling farmlands of traditionally rural America and the hustle and bustle of the famous and inviting opportunities along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Crime rates are low, with incidents of murder and arson officially registering at zero.

Most of the light industry and residents in University Heights are engaged directly or indirectly with the city’s core, John Carroll College. This Jesuit University was founded in 1925 and helped initiate large periods of growth in University Heights. It is also the reason that most of the city’s residents are well educated and regarded as having stable, traditional households.

University Heights Commercial Interests

There is an abundance of service industry businesses catering to the large college undergraduate, graduate and faculty population. Commercial interests are carefully regulated and strictly limited to the city center.

The separation of industrial and residential areas is one feature of University Heights that year round residents are most proud of and recognize as a principle favorable quality in their fair city.

The overall composition of University Heights is unique in Ohio, the Cleveland area and the United States in general. Nearly 100% of its total area is recognized as dry land, and zoned residential. The small percentage exception is the area of John Carroll College and its satellite business interests.

The City’s “Feel.”

University Heights is almost an entirely “home-composed” city running along the Cleveland area’s Fairmount Blvd. district. It has an exceptional variety of single-family homes, apartment complexes, condominiums and private estates that have all weathered the fallout from the housing market collapse in recent years.

The median and average wages and household incomes in University Heights have remained competitive and stable because of the city’s self-contained primary industry (education), and properties are experiencing an upward trend in value edging just above national averages.

University Heights is one comfortable, safe and inviting city in Ohio where homes for investment, speculation, development and residency are available for any type of family, or upwardly mobile, career-oriented individual.

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