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Whalers Cove – Mentor, OH

Whaler Cove is a neighborhood is Mentor, Ohio. In 1797, Mentor was settled. The city has a population of around 40000. Locals in Whaler Cove visit various beaches in the area. Retail stores and restaurants are also located in the city.

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Teens enjoy shopping are the local malls that are found on the major roads. Convenient stores are common in Mentor as well. The stores offer polymers, plastics, and other peripherals that benefit various industries.

Mentor Lagoon Nature Preserve

Whaler Cove locals visit many nearby places with kids, such the Mentor Lagoon Nature Preserve. This is an ideal location for hiking and water sports. The Lagoon is not far from Whaler Cove; it is a short distance east of Cleveland.

At the preserve, there is 450 acres of space and a shoreline that contains dune plants, oak bluff, and a marsh. Visitors that visit the preserve can use electric carts to travel the area; the carts cannot be reserved.

When hiking at the preserve, get information from the visitor center because there are guides available. Locals and tourists enjoy using paddle boats and canoes to travel along the river.


There are plenty of boats available for everyone. Most locals in Whaler Cove visit Mentor Lagoon Nature Preserve during the spring, but there is something unique offered during various times of the year. While walking down the trail, locals travel along an unpaved road without traffic.

Hiking during the spring is recommended because foliage grows in different areas. Although walking the trail is ideal, jogging and biking is an option too. There is a beach near the preserve as well.

Mentor Civic Center

Another location near Whaler Cove that is popular is the Mentor Civic Center. It is has an indoor ice skating rink and a snack bar. Locals can visit and skate all through the year. Parking is free, and there is plenty of space.

Although skating is offered all year, it helps to schedule ahead of time because sport teams practice on the ice. The ice is maintained efficiently; it has no bubbles. During rainy day, the Civic Center gets tons of visitors; it is a good spot for kids. Kids enjoy skating, and they have a blast during hockey games.

Mentor Civic Center also has a swimming pool, a baseball field, a football field, and a soccer field. Teens generally use the skate board facility. Outside sports, options are available as well; there are bike trails and hiking trails.


Many restaurants are found in Mentor. There is a Thai restaurant called Thai Orchid that offers various Thai dishes. There are also restaurants that provide veggie dishes and deli dishes. Many locals visit restaurants in Mentor after spending a day at the Civic Center or hiking on the trail.

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