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Some of Willoughby Hills, Ohio schools that may be of interest- The local schools that revolve in this beautiful community are the Cornerstone Christian Academy, South High School and Andrew Osborne Academy. Andrew Osborne Academy is a co-ed school and the school also allows bordering. They have smaller classes for a better teacher/student relationship bond for a better learning ratio.

Cornerstone Christian Academy is a private academy that teaches all of their students to unlock all of their potential to become a better person and mold them into what God may require from each and every one of them. The South High School is the home of the Ohio Rebels and offers a more diversified culture for each and every child to experience which could develop better communication skills.

Attractions and Amenities

Some attractions that may be of interest- Willoughby Hills, Ohio has their own library, a local firehouse, and a movie theater. They are the very proud to offer the tourist attraction of the Art Gallery for Collectors. This tourist attraction offers several artist creations for a person to engulf their unique creations of color and style meeting a brush and canvas.

This display of artist combinations demands visitation from every age group. The Indian Museum of Lake County is a diversified exhibit of great Indian culture and visualization of some of their most interesting artifacts. Willoughby Hills, Ohio is also very proud to offer Frank Lloyd Wright’s Louis Penfield House. This is a home that one of the greatest minds of architecture has ever created.

A person or their families could explore and stay the night if they wish. It offers beautiful scenery and household amenities. They will provide coffee and tea and their are several supermarkets and restaurants available for whatever may be appetizing to the party.

Parks and Recreation

Some local parks to visit and explore- Willoughby Hills, Ohio has several local parks to explore but they also are hosts for other separate parkland agencies within their borders. Roemisch Field is available for rental and it features a wonderful pavilion that is covered and has several baseball diamonds to throw an awesome baseball field party. Garfield Park is still under construction.

Veteran’s Memorial Park is well-known for their Veteran Day ceremonies. It also well-known because the park is rented out for wedding parties, some of their summer concerts, and other recreational sporting events and outdoor activities.

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